Financial analysis of TransGarant LLC

This financial profile page contains financial analisys of financial reports of TransGarant LLC. Financial analysis of financial reports of TransGarant LLC includes the analisys of income, income and expenses growth rates, analisys of working capital structure and annual dynamics. TransGarant LLC .

Financial reports of TransGarant LLC

This financial profile page of TransGarant LLC cosists of links to annual financial reports of TransGarant LLC. Flexible and user-friendly web-instruments enable horizontal and vertical analisys of indexes of financial reports of TransGarant LLC.

Liquidity and financial strength of TransGarant LLC

This financial profile page includes dynamic analisys of liquidity and financial strength of TransGarant LLC. Calculation of financial strength rating is based upon JSCo «Russian railways» methodics. Moreover, it presents Cash flow statement by indirect method for TransGarant LLC with the user-opportunity to change analitical period of cash flows of TransGarant LLC. Cash flow statement by indirect metod illustrates the directions of cash flows of TransGarant LLC in the certain period.

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Balance sheet TransGarant LLC

Profits and losses statement TransGarant LLC

*TransGarant LLC

Foundation 2002
TIN 7712098983
PSRN 1027700460380
Specialization Freight and cargo


I.Financial results review

Revenues mln RUB7 353,95 374,64 601,14 529,04 031,8
Expenses mln RUB5 930,15 637,65 554,95 806,64 940,1
Operating expenses mln RUB5 485,65 198,15 104,65 408,14 610,5
General and Administrative expenses mln RUB444,5439,5450,3398,4329,6
Commercial expenses mln RUB0,00,00,00,00,0
Operating income/loss mln RUB1 423,8-263,0-953,8-1 277,5-908,4
Income/loss before taxation mln RUB1 717,5-41,7289,8-631,0-3 262,3
Net income/loss mln RUB1 352,718,8323,0-501,4-2 981,4
EBIT mln RUB2 288,3445,0730,2-125,4-2 821,4

Comparison of income, expenses and profit growth rates

Income growth rate %-26,9-14,4-1,6-11,0
Expenditure growth rate %-4,9-1,54,5-14,9
Operating expenses growth rate %-5,2-1,85,9-14,7
Commercial and Administrative expenses growth rate %-1,12,4-11,5-17,3
Operating income growth rate %-118,5-262,6-33,928,9
Profit before tax growth rate %-102,4795,4-317,7-417,0

II.Return on capital

  Units Abbr.20122013201420152016
Return on Sales % ROS18,390,357,02-11,07-73,95
Pretax Profit margin % PPM23,35-0,786,30-13,93-80,91
Operating margin % OPM19,36-4,89-20,73-28,21-22,53
EBIT profitability % EbitP31,128,2815,87-2,77-69,98
Return on Assets % ROA11,710,182,87-4,30-30,10
Return on Invested Capital % ROIC18,385,387,930,04-45,24
Weighted Average Cost of Capital % WACC25,93,73,13,42,9
Cost of Equity % Re45,40,00,00,00,0
Cost of Debt % Rd9,89,17,78,47,7
Assets mln RUB A10 257,310 879,011 602,611 720,08 091,0
Equity mln RUB E4 574,14 592,94 915,94 414,51 433,2
Longterm Debt mln RUB D4 196,35 430,94 315,85 382,30,0
Invested Capital mln RUB IC8 770,410 023,89 231,69 796,91 433,2
Net Assets mln RUB NA10 257,310 879,011 602,611 720,08 091,0

III.Working capital

Working capital mln RUB932,01 711,4997,6817,6-120,7
Current assets mln RUB1 503,22 159,41 836,41 733,61 252,3
Inventories mln RUB254,7390,1432,7457,0331,0
Accounts receivable mln RUB930,71 355,61 126,2999,9816,1
Cash and cash equivalents mln RUB220,0214,4159,0205,982,8
Curent financial assets mln RUB0,038,00,043,90,0
Other current assets mln RUB97,7161,3118,526,922,3
Current liabilities mln RUB571,2448,0838,7916,01 373,0
Accounts payable mln RUB529,7396,7784,8853,41 311,2
Other current liabilities mln RUB41,651,353,962,761,8

Working capital turnover

Working capital turnover days70,389,8107,573,131,6
Current assets turnover days96,4124,4158,5143,9135,5
Inventories turnover days11,121,932,635,835,8
Accounts receivable turnover days57,677,698,485,782,4
Current liabilities turnover days26,134,651,070,7103,9
Accounts payable turnover days25,131,546,966,098,2

IV.Liquidity and financial strength

Methodology for Financial strength evaluation





Financial strength Rating cat.C1C1C2C3D
Financial strength Score point10,009,508,257,255,25
Level of financial strength -poorpoorpoorpoorcrisis
Liquidy coefficients
Current Ratio -1,08| 2p.2,87| 4p.0,81| 1p.0,95| 1p.0,19| 1p.
Quick Ratio -0,82| 3p.2,13| 4p.0,57| 2p.0,68| 2p.0,14| 1p.
Absolute Liquid Ratio -0,16| 4p.0,28| 4p.0,07| 3p.0,11| 3p.0,01| 2p.
Indexes of financial stability
Financial independence ratio -0,45| 1p.0,42| 1p.0,42| 1p.0,38| 1p.0,18| 1p.
Return indexes
Return on Sales %18,39| 4p.0,35| 2p.7,02| 3p.-11,07| 1p.-73,95| 1p.
Resurn on Equity %26,82| 4p.0,41| 2p.6,79| 4p.-10,75| 1p.-101,97| 1p.
Return on Assets %11,71| 4p.0,18| 2p.2,87| 2p.-4,30| 1p.-30,10| 1p.
Indexes of economic activity
Accounts receivable growth rate %-32,84| 4p.45,66| 1p.-16,92| 4p.-11,22| 4p.-18,38| 4p.
Accounts payable growth rate %10,53| 1p.-25,10| 4p.97,82| 1p.8,74| 2p.53,65| 1p.
Accounts receivable to Accounts payable ratio -1,76| 1p.3,42| 1p.1,44| 4p.1,17| 3p.0,62| 1p.
Accounts receivable to Accounts payable turnovers' ratio -2,30| 1p.2,47| 1p.2,10| 1p.1,30| 4p.0,84| 2p.

V.Cash flow statement indirect method

from till

Cash at the beginning of the period mln RUB40,8220,0214,4159,0205,9
Net profit mln RUB1 352,718,8323,0-501,4-2 981,4
Amortization mln RUB0,00,00,00,00,0
Revaluation and deferred taxes [+] mln RUB-92,2-60,4-34,3-129,6-280,9
Decrease in Inventories mln RUB-63,0-135,3-42,6-24,3126,0
Descrease in Accounts receivable mln RUB455,1-424,9229,4126,4183,8
Increase in Accounts payable mln RUB50,5-132,9388,168,6457,9
Changes in other working capital mln RUB98,1-53,845,4100,43,7
Net cash used in investing activities mln RUB1 731,5106,1-1 006,1-100,63 415,0
Net cash from financial activities mln RUB-1 061,5677,041,7507,6-1 047,1
Contribution to share capital [+] mln RUB0,00,00,00,00,0
Dividends and other distrubution of net profit [-] mln RUB-2 292,00,0-0,00,00,0
Cash at the end of the period mln RUB220,0214,4159,0205,982,8

* This report is based upon data and information of