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1878 «Annual Survey of Amurskaya region for the year of 1877»

1877 «Annual Survey of Amurskaya region for the year of 1876»

1876 «Annual report of governor of Amurskaya region for the year of 1875»

1875 «Appendix to Annual report of governor of Amurskaya region for the year of 1874»

1873 «Annual report of governor of Amurskaya region for the year of 1872»

1872 «Annual report of governor of Amurskaya region for the year of 1871»

1999 Roskartografiya «Atlas of railway maps of CIS states and Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia»

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Statistics of Russian railoads, the year of 1901 has been publised

Our library is enlarged by Statistics of Russian railroads in the year of 1901, which was puplished by the Department of statistics and...


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Na sajte razmesheni Obzori Primorskoj oblasti Rossijskoj Imperii za 1891-1909 godi

V biblioteke razmesheni Obzori Primorskoj oblasti za 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1906, 1907, 1909 godi...


Analysis of financial reports of Russian Railway Companies and JSCo Russian Railways

Site «Russian Economy» starts new project of thorough financial analysis of Russian Railway Industry companies. This project is the first attempt of complex and generally full analysis of Russian Railway Industry after the conducted railway transport structure reform and separation of vertically integrated railway companies out of JSCo Russian Railways with the followed privatization of the part of them

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Valovoj Dmitrij Vasilevich

Kondratev Nikolaj Dmitrievich

Sedelev Boris Vladimirovich

Ivan Tihonovich Pososhkov

The freight steams and volume of Ussuri Railroad in the beginning of its exploitation (the beginning of XX century)

This article contains detailed analysis of freight steams and volume of Ussuri Railroad, the Far East part of Great Siberian railroad. The time period covers the beginning of XX century from 1901 to 1914. The analysis is based upon thorough inspection of every kind of freight such as grain, coal and wooden construction materials. The survey of freight dynamics resulted in key feature of freight volume growth which is considerable (about 30m of poods) and equal influence of increase in transit and internal market goods.

In addition a brief survey of operational income, expenditure and profit is conducted to make a comparison between freight volume and operational profit (losses). It revealed that a positive profit from Ussuri Railroad exploitation first appeared in the year of 1911 when the fright soared from 70m to 89m of poods. Moreover it was stable during the period of 1912-1914 because of persistent level of fright volume, which was achieved in 1911.

As a conclusion a recommendation is made about the necessity to orient current modernization of Eastern Siberian railroads both on transit and internal Far East market goods to achieve a positive profit from railroad exploitation and government investments.

Foreign trade of Russian Empire in the period of 1897 - 1914. Statistic and brief review.

This article consists of brief analysis of Russian Empire foreign trade statistics detailed by land and marine toll posts po in the period of 1897 1914. Also statistics is provided in excel-format based upon Annual Statistic Reviews of Russian Empire. The most crucial fact, provided by this article, is the downshift of export throught the European border in the year of 1914 and emerged negative foreign trade balance for the first time since 1899. The decrease in export incomes because of war and collapse of railway transportation on the western railroads led to disorder economic cooperation and escalated economic imbalances in the country. These process in the end became the reason for February and Octover revolutions.

Statistic review of Russian Far East in the end of XIX - the beginning of XX

Statistic review of Russian Far East in the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries is dedicated to Russian Far East history and observes crucial changes of economy of Amurskay, Primorskaya and Kamchatskaya regions during the period of Great Siberian Railwayx (TransSiberian Railway) construction. This Review consists of freight statistic of Ussuri and Eastern Chineese railroads, of inner water routes of Amur river, of ports of Vladivostok and Nikolaevsk-na-Amure. It also includes data about population of Primorskaya and Amurskaya regions, annual harvest and industrial factories and plants in the period of 1891 to 1916. To make these statistics more viewable we have developed special cartogram-builder, which enables more thorough and more reasonable study of the history of Russian Far East.

Dynamic map of Rissian Empire Railways in the period of 1838-1917

Dynamic map of Russian Railways enables users to build map of Russian Empire railway net in the certain year during the period of 1838 to 1917. By this web-instrument opportunity is acquired for visual effective demonstration of the development history of Russian Empire railways. What is Dynamic map? It is an array of static maps, collected for the different periods with the one cartographic map-base in the origin. This web-instrument was created in the year of 2011 and presented of the «Lomonosov conference» in the Moscow State University. It will be useful for researches and students for acquisition of basic understanding for the development stages of Russian Empire railway net in terms of main territory directions.

Russian Empre and USSR railroad maps

The article consist of a list of railway maps refered to the period of Russian Empire and USSR. Taken together they reflect the development of russian reilway net. Each map is guided by the description, which can be used researchers for defining the porpose of use. The list is beeing refilled in case of new interesting map founds. This is one of the most popular topics of our site, devoted to Russian Economy.

Construction costs of Transsib (i.e. Great Siberian Railway). Opinion and historical materials.

In this brief article a review of group of book- and web-links is given for the question of Great Siberian railway (Trans-Siberian Railway) construction costs. Moreover we emphasize crucial factors, which are to be taken into account by researchers in case of construction cost calculation or usage of the given one. They are demonstrated on the estimation, which is the popular one in the internet, by specifying the key cost items are absolutely to be included in the solid calculation. The question of Great Siberian railway construction cost is more than actual is the 100 years anniversary construction ending celebration.


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